The all-new invisiFRAME Protective Coating has been developed in partnership with Fenwick’s and will make bike frames and components resistant to surface contaminants like energy drinks or gels, and even mud, dirt and grime. 

Hydrophobic properties in Protective Coating means cleaning your bike just got a whole lot easier - the mud and dirt just falls away when you rinse off or gently hose down after a ride!


This invisible, protective coat lasts up to 6 months and is suitable for gloss, matte and carbon frames with no smearing or greasiness. The 100ml bottle contains enough Protective Coating for approx.15 applications! Additionally, on bikes with an invisiFRAME protection kit installed, Protective Coating actively bonds to the PPF refreshing and enhancing the XPEL film.


Fenwick’s are well known for their exceptional cleaning, care and workshop products and the new water-based formula has been developed without the use of corrosive or irritant petrochemicals that can damage delicate finishes and materials, and even change the appearance of the surface.


Key Features

  • Provides invisible protection for gloss, matte and carbon finishes
  • One application of Protective Coating lasts up to 6 months (real-world testing)
  • Hydrophobic properties make frames and components resistant to surface contaminants
  • No white marks, smearing or greasiness.
  • Use as a stand-alone product or as a perfect accompaniment to invisiFRAME Protective Kits (PPF)
  • Quick and simple to apply
  • No corrosive/toxic/irritant chemicals 

We are so excited to be able to offer this amazing product to our customers and at a quarter of the price of most ceramic coatings out there, it is an absolute steal!



Protective Coating is super easy and safe to apply at home.

Spray it into a soft cloth and buff into the frame or component surface. Leave to cure for 30 seconds (for best results leave overnight) and you are set for up to 6 months.


Trade pricing available - Please contact us for more information

This product is not designed to be used on brakes or braking surfaces. Review ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

"Effective and convenient to use, with good results on all surfaces"


"I've returned on several occasions astonished at how well the invisiFRAME has coped, even with a single coating."

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