This patch kit can be used individually to protect against cable rub. It can also be used to layer on top of your protection kit for high wear areas.
2 x 43mm x 140mm
6 x 38mm x 43mm
1 x 37mm x 140mm
1 x 87mm x 23mm
3 x 28mm circles
The patch kits are cut from Xpel Ultimate Plus Gloss or Xpel Stealth Matte automotive grade, non-yellowing and self-healing film.
For trade/bulk enquiries please contact [email protected] 
This is purely an aesthetic decision. There is no performance or material difference between the two finishes. We usually recommend matching the finish of the kit to the finish of your bike. Where we offer a Gloss and Matte mixed kit, this will be as close a representation not an accurate match of the split in the finish so not to compromise the longevity of the kit.
Choose the finish to match your bike frame
  • gloss
  • matte
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