How to fit your invisiFRAME kit

Here we show you how to fit your invisiFRAME kit

Installing an invisiFRAME kit is a lot simpler than you may think. 

Because of our unique way of creating custom cut film for each part of your frame, each piece is ready to go, so you don't need to worry about having to make ANY special cuts or adjustments.

Each kit comes with a set of clearly marked instructions to follow and we even throw in a 3M squeegee to help make the job seamless. 

Install time can be anything from 45mins to a couple of hours, dependent on how many you've done and how complex your frame make up is, but if you follow the steps in this video and the instructions enclosed within each kit, you'll have your bike covered in no-time.

And of course, any questions we are always just an email away.

So sit back and enjoy this video walk through of how to fit your invisiFRAME kit.

1 - What you will need

 - Key Sheet (we'll send you this)

 - Lint free cloth 

 - Squeegee (we'll send you this)

 - Bug and tar remover

 - Baby shampoo/water mix

 - Spray bottle

2 - Clean the frame

 Using the bug and tar remover and lint free cloth, give your frame a good old clean.  Because believe it or not even brand new frames are dirty and this dust and dirt will make installing the kits just a little less straightforward

3 - Kit Application

 - First up identify the piece you need (this is highlighted in the key sheet)

 - Secondly spray your hand and the kit with the baby shampoo/water mix ensuring both are soaked (don't skimp on this part or the kit will be harder to adjust to get it just right)

 - Next up spray the whole strip, front and back and also the section of frame you're working on (again the wetter the better)

 - Now the fun begins.  Start by squeegeeing out the water to get rid of the bubbles

 - Working along the length of the frame not over and around it, apply pressure to get the kit to form to the frame

 - Remember clean each panel as you go

 - If you make a mistake, simply peel back the strip slightly and spray it some more, then press back down and squeegee it back into place

 - Be persistent with any lifting or bubbles, if the kit lifts keep pressing it, it will stick!

 - Finally once the kit is fitted keep it warm and dry for 24hrs to allow the adhesive to fully stick

And there you have it.  So what's stopping you?