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13/12/2017 22:40:48
Worth Every Penny
Had my new Rose Pikes Peak shipped directly from Germany to have Invisiframe design a kit for it. This is, by quite some margin, one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. The kit is flawless, it matches the fit and finish of the frame exactly and is almost undetectable unless you run your hand over it. If you take any pride at all in your bike, no matter how much you've spent on it, an Invisiframe kit is a must.
16/11/2017 12:12:29
Super awesome customer service and products
Bought my first Invisiframe for my new Trek Fuel EX. Good protection for the bike and has held up really well. Fast delivery and easy application to the bike and the result was very nice even for being the first time for me to this kind of thing. Decided to buy another invisiframe for another new bike. Again super fast delivery for the second one as well but this time the shipping company totally trashed the package beyond recognition somewhere along the way and the content (the invisiframe) was so torn it was not usable. E-mailed to ask if there was anything I could possibly do or if the shipping company could fix this. Vicky told me they would take care of it and sent me a replacement order immediately, and this time the shipping company succeeded and the order arrived safe and sound. Awesome product, awesome customer service, awesome everything!
14/09/2017 21:56:03
Worth the effort
Really pleased with the frame kit for my Pivot Switchblade. As they'd not done a Switchblade in my size before I sent off my brand new pride and joy to Lee who custom made the kit and fitted it for me. He even added an extra section inside the chain stay to protect against damage I'd seen from the rotor on the demo bike I'd borrowed. I picked the bike up from Vicky who is super friendly and helpful. If only every small business was like this, thanks guys !!
15/05/2017 11:32:48
Outstanding fit and protection. You are crazy to to spend the time and money to protect your investment. Don't hesitate because after that first scratch you'll wish you bought one.
I received my first invisiframe kit last year for my 2016 Salsa Carbon HorseThief X01. I couldn't believe how much detail went into the design of this kit and how well it protected the bike. Kit outlasted the bike. I broke my frame after four months. Got a replacement frame from Salsa and ordered another kit from Lee. Second time is a charm and worth the piece of mind. Broke that frame three months later. Gave the HorseThief platform the boot and bought a new Specialized S-Works FSR. Sent Lee a email and ordered another invisiframe kit. And again I'm impressed by the quality and figment of these kits. Bike shops should offer these things to their customers as package of some sorts on high end bikes. Just bought a Salsa Warbird today and going to send email to Lee and see what he can do for me on a kit for it. And I can't say enough good things about their communication and fast shipping to the US. I'm impressed all around!
14/05/2017 03:07:49
Awesome Service
The kit fitted perfectly (2015 Orange Alpine 160) and, after nearly 2 years abuse, is still looking great. The material used does not 'yellow' with age unlike similar looking products. It comes bike specific, so there is no waste, or cutting required, and is easy to fit. Invisiframe were excellent to deal with. Prompt delivery, and professional service. Make sure you also order the fork kit and crankarm protectors, worth every penny.
22/03/2017 09:34:24
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24/02/2017 11:55:45
Excellent product and service
Fit the kit myself on my Giant Reign Advanced. Had a couple of concerns before fitting. Called me back in no time and answered my questions. The individual pieces are cut to size perfectly and the fitting instruction video is a great help. I would definitely recommend these frame kits. Excellent customer service.
02/02/2017 06:23:58
Top Notch!!!!!!
I got my Orange 5 sorted recently through Invisiframe and its brilliant! The finish is amazing and does what it says on the tin, its invisible! Great, friendly, fast service. A must for any one serious about bikes. I will be recommending far and wide!!
13/01/2017 14:31:07
Awesome product
User friendly proctector every rider must have to protect frame and fork from debries!
09/01/2017 15:14:07
Awesome frame kit with first class customer service.
Super impressed with the quality of the kit I've just did to my new Whyte T130C. It was so much easier to fit than I expected and now it's on I can only see if when I look for it. Customer service is top notch too. A rogue bit of dust put a bubble on the top of my top tube so I was not happy. I emailed (at 10pm) to enquire about a spare piece and expected an email back in a few days. Seriously surprised and impressed to find an email in the morning with an offer to provide the spare at low cost. Just watch out for that pesky dust!
20/12/2016 23:35:20
Another Happy Customer
Easy to use website. Great kit, great service- kit arrived very quickly and is of superb quality, coupled with fantastic after sales support - I had a couple of questions that Lee turned around impressively quickly and out of hours. Highly, highly recommended.
14/11/2016 08:49:19
Brilliant kit and amazing customer service!
This is the second kit I have purchased off the Invisiframe team and it is second to none. It really is almost invisible on my gloss Jawbreaker coloured Enduro frame. The customer service is on another level compared to other internet sellers. Super quick delivery and fast responses to email queries. I ruined a section of the kit trying to get some air bubbles out (my fault entirely) and Lee sent me a replacement piece which arrived the next day. What more could you possibly ask for?
04/11/2016 09:31:45
Spectacular Kits, keep bike looking new for years!!!
I've purchased 3 kits thus far, for 3 different bikes. These are just fantastic, and fit perfectly. Put in the time/patience, and you will get spectacular results. With the industry going to carbon frame bikes, paint doesn't bond as well (as aluminum). These kits can also be helpful, in the event of a light "lay down", keeping the paint from coming off the carbon (I speak from experience). Keep up the good work guys/gals.
28/09/2016 16:11:58
Awesome kit and brilliant customer service
Well recommended for everyone !!!!!!
19/09/2016 12:34:35
super !!!!
la qualité est parfaite et super service client , je recommande !!!! merci à vous !!!
13/09/2016 16:01:41
Awesome customer service!!
I sent an email on a Sunday looking for a Nukeproof Pulse 2017 invisiframe kit expecting to hear back on the Monday, I was amazed to get an email back within the hour with good news that they had a kit but it wasn't yet on the website, Lee asked a few questions and then put the kit on the shop website ready for purchase. Great and within 2 days the kit arrived and when fit looks great. I will be recommending their service to all my friends and will use again myself. Thanks Lee.
05/09/2016 13:05:01
Proven decent bit of kit!
We bought a fork and frame kit for my lad's YT Tues at the end of last year. After a full season of BDS and Pearce races, and a trip to the Alps chucked in, the bike is still looking mint. Great kit and just about to buy another set for a new bike. Cheers.
02/09/2016 11:12:38
First rate!
Kit arrived for my Cotic Soul very quickly and was easy to fit - very hard to see the tape edges once on and conformed very nicely to the curves of the frame. Fitting has an oddly calming effect too. Was so good I ordered a kit for my Sherpa, a blank for my M109 and some decals for my cranks to prevent them getting scratched up. After sales service and support is also excellent when I had queries. Highly recommended.
24/08/2016 15:27:13
an excellent product! worth every dollar!
I contacted Lee a few months ago about getting a XL kit for my Intense Tracer 275C. I had the bike on order and the kit was not cut was coming into his shop I waited; since I didn't have my bike yet, no big deal. I get a email a month or so later telling me that he got the bike to do the first template and they would have them in stock. so stoked!!! my bike came in, I ordered the kit on a Fri and it arrived across the pond on Mon!!! kits were easy to understand. took some getting used to with fitting but if you follow the instructions that come with the kits and take your time, you should be good. I did the frame, Fox34 fork and my shimano cranks. they came out great. haven't gotten the bike out on the trails yet, so I can't give feedback on the durability but the fit and finish of the product is top notch!
15/08/2016 16:05:07
Couldn't be more happy with my experience. Ordered on a Mon received Tuesday! I set 4 hrs aside as they recommended. As nerdy as it sounds I took great satisfaction in fitting the product. I took my time with a case of beers and some tunes on and completed it in 3 hrs without a moment's frustration. It really is as forgiving as it looks on the video. Every part of the bike is covered and fitted to a fraction of a mm and just floats nicely into place. These guys have really put some effort into the design of these kits! If you're one of these guys who wants to slap it on in an hour, forget it and pay a fitter to do it. And the creme de la creme. I managed to mangle the top tube piece when I clamped it in my bike stand. After crying myself to sleep I dropped them an email to see if they could sort me a spare top tube piece. Totally my fault but these guys have supplied me a replacement at a very reasonable price when I expected to have to live with it or buy a whole new kit. All in all an excellent product from genuine guys who excel at customer satisfaction!
15/08/2016 15:16:26
Awesome bit of kit
Contacted Lee to check he had a kit for my new frame, it was duly dispatched and arrived bang on time. As with all the kits i have ordered this one for a WHYTE 905 was spot on and cut perfect. Took me no time to fit it with the easy to follow instructions and the bike looks amazing. The clue is in the title its (almost) invisible. Lee and his team are so helpful and friendly, earlier on this year they didn't have a template for my new 2016 Banshee Legend, not an issue, sent frame to them , it was designed and fitted with no fuss at all. I use this bike for DH so it gets a good battering but the kit remains as perfect as the day it was fitted. Want to keep your bike in showroom condition, order a kit, its even quite therapeutic fitting it :)
11/08/2016 08:36:49
Specialized Demo 8 Carbon
Outstanding attention to detail and finish! The Demo 8 has more curves than my wife and almost as attractive ;) The kit looks amazing and really is a work of art! If I didn't love riding her I would seriously enter this work into a gallery. You have to look very closely to see the tape lines, although they're so perfect and neat it's almost a shame you can't see them! Highly recommended. Many thanks.
05/08/2016 07:40:12
Excellent detail and top quality.
Hi Lee/Vicky I have received my invisiFRAME order for the Evil Uprising in Greece, yesterday. Very impeccable work indeed, the mechanic on my LBS told me it is the best 3M bike frame protection kit he has seen to date, for any bike! Excellent detail and top quality. Thank you very much indeed.
11/07/2016 15:38:34
Such a quick turn around
Picked up the frame from Jim last night and i'm very impressed. Thanks very much for doing it and with such a quick turn around
11/07/2016 15:35:12
New Stockists
Looks like we have just become stockists for you guys which is excellent, Been using your kits for a while and loving it!
11/07/2016 15:32:26
Wow, it's an amazing job, very pleased with what you have done!
Wow, it's an amazing job, very pleased with what you have done! It amazes me how such a clean job has been done to a new frame with no template! Have shown many people in the office and they are impressed, I'll be sure to recommend you to others
11/07/2016 15:30:12
Invisiframe for all Bikes!
If you're wanting to protect your pride and joy, then just Invisiframe it, you won't get a better job than this kit. As they didn't have my Giant Anthem in a large frame size, I had to send it down to Lee & Vicky to get measured up. I was anticipating it being away for at least a week; not so. The day after it had arrived, I received a message saying it was done. I had to admit I was curious as to how well the job was given it was only away for a short period of time. It was perfectly wrapped; no air bubbles or voids to speak of (this was even after I had used the bike and put some scratches/blemishes on the paint). It wraps perfectly around all the features on the frame. You genuinely won't know its there unless you're looking for it. Would I use them again? Definitely! I would send any new bike to these guys by default before it's even been used. Thanks again Lee & Vicky.
25/06/2016 19:06:08
Would I buy from Invisiframe again? Oh Yeh!
I contacted Lee & Vicky to say that my Yeti SB95C was due to arrive, even though i knew that they didn't yet have the template in stock. I brought my bike up to their house on the agreed day and Lee said it would take about 8 hours of effort to create. I arrived the following evening and was welcomed into the house to see my new frame on the work stand under a light, where i was invited to inspect the work. I'm sure some people think this is relatively easy work to achieve this, but trust me, the craftsmanship in creating the template and then applying it was incredible and i was blown away by the result. i know that Lee has worked late into the evening to make this happen for me and i was completely delighted. Would I buy from Invisiframe again? Oh Yeh!
23/06/2016 11:11:12
One very happy customer
Just wanted to say how impressed i am with the kit and the installation, worth every penny! One Very Happy Customer
06/05/2016 14:06:23
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