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At invisiFRAME we have developed a custom cut, size and finish specific protection kit for your frame. The kit has been designed to maximise coverage but to also be user friendly.

The kit is cut from 3M or XPEL automotive grade non yellowing vinyl that is used in NASCAR and off road motor sports.

The full frame kit will include protection for the top tube, head tube, down tube, back of seat tube, seat stays, chain stays and a full dot sheet as standard. As each frame design is different some kits may include extra parts.

Also included in the kit is a full fitting and removal guide and a shape key to ensure correct shape positioning.

When purchasing this kit on line you will receive a FREE 3M squeegee.



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Something wrong, something has to be changed and add few patches more
I bought the invisiframe for my 2015 Cannondale Jekyll Team Carbon, medium frame. The order of Order number 12285, Invoice number 8427, Invoice date 11/08/2016. After 3hrs work, I became to be skeptical that InvisiFrame team didn't try to this work for 2015 Cannondale Jekyll Team Carbon. Here are few findings that I got; 1. In the drawings, there are mismatches in 'left chain stay' and 'right seat stay'. 2. The 'left chain stay' should be corrected to 'Right Seat Stay'. And, 'right seat stay' should be corrected to 'Left Chain Stay' on the drawings. 3. There are missing parts for up side of the 'Down Tube'. I had to buy 3M scott to protect those area. 4. There are missing parts for seat tube, especially pressure indicator sticker side. I had to buy 3M scott to protect those area. I'm littel dissapointed with this non-professional work from InvisiFrame's 2015 Cannondale Jekyll Team Carbon's protection film design. I'd like to send you the detail pictures above issues. Thanks, HJ
01/09/2016 20:37:12